Confession 2019

I Confess Positively

That I am in my year of Expansion

I experience Enlargement and growth daily

My life is advancing constantly

I expand into new territories every day

By Faith, I am doing Bigger and Mightier Exploits for God

My worst days are over

My best days have now begun

I am a Big League Player in the affairs of Life

I eat the best of the Land, because I am willing and Obedient

I am expanding in Wisdom and knowledge

I respond promptly to the directions of the Spirit

My reality catches up with my positive Confession

Policies and rules are changed in my Favour

I bring about radical Expansion in this Church

The anointing of Expansion is on my Life

It causes me to Increase, Break forth and Prosper, beyond my wildest imagination

I believe it and I receive it Now

In Jesus name.

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