Confession 2019

I Confess Positively that I am in my year of Expansion
I experience Enlargement and growth daily
My life is advancing constantly
I expand into new territories every day
By Faith, I am doing Bigger and Mightier Exploits for God
My worst days are over
My best days have now begun
I am a Big League Player in the affairs of Life
I eat the best of the Land, because I am willing and Obedient
I am expanding in Wisdom and knowledge I respond promptly to the directions of the Spirit
My reality catches up with my positive Confession
Policies and rules are changed in my Favour
bring about radical Expansion in this Church
The anointing of Expansion is on my Life
It causes me to Increase, break forth and prosper beyond my wildest imagination.
I believe it and I receive it Now In Jesus name.

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