Children’s Church

At Grace Family International Church, we believe that children are not only the church of tomorrow, but they are indeed the church of today. To this end, we meet their unique spiritual needs by sitting them in an environment where they can worship, learn and interact with other children of their age.

Our Children’s Church runs concurrently with the Adult Church services.

It is a place where every lesson taught relates to the child,

a place where every child can express his or ideas without fear of condemnation,

a place where every child is encouraged to talk instead of being hushed,

a place where time flies,

a place where the Word of God is enjoyed instead of endured,

a place where children play fun games and learn songs that reinforce lessons taught.

We never run out of snacks and light refreshments. What a place to be!

At every service time, we ensure that every child’s memory of church is a happy, fun and engaging one.

Simply put, we allow them to be kids, and allow their early experiences in church to sharpen much of their thinking about God.

A Place Where Kids Bond
A Place where kids Learn The Word of God
A Place Where Kids Develop Their Talents