Mission and Vision


  • To build a church that exists as a family of love and unity in Christ (John 17:21).
  • A place where believers are being fed with knowledge and understanding from the Word, to live a victorious life in all aspects. (Dan 11:32b, Matt 16:18).
  • A church where every worshipper is actively useful in the ministry of helps, through various Church departments, fellowships and teams (Eph 4:16).
  • A place where healings and miracles of various forms can be received by the needy.
  • A congregation of believers that win the lost through door to door evangelism, concerts, crusades, and outreaches.
  • To prepare both full-time and bi-vocational ministers for the word of the ministry through our Bible School.
  • Supporting and helping Ministers and ministries in financial need.
  • Carrying the complete gospel to the world with signs and wonders following.


A Family Church that reaches out to the lost both locally and globally, and develops strong believers through the integrity of God’s Word and His Anointing.