Confession 2021



I Confess confidently, that I am in my season of A New Song
The Lord has turned my captivity around
My mouth is filled with laughter and singing
I win my battles through the weapon of praise
He has put my feet on the solid rock
My life is moving from glory to glory
I am a student of the word
I walk by Faith and not by sight
Policies and rules are changed in my Favour
God’s angels are on assignment concerning my life
Ministering for me because I am an heir of salvation
I am a fisher of men, evangelizing and gathering souls into this Church
I am changing my world and making disciples for Christ
The New song of my life is that of Favour, honour, breakthroughs, increased assets, and all-round greatness
I am a friend of God. I do not fail to seek Him, Singing the songs of Zion daily.
I am blessed to be a blessing
I am a cheerful giver, I am an obedient tither
My worst days are over, my best days have just begun
I confess it, I believe,
I receive it, TODAY,
in Jesus name.

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